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Where to Listen to Nnamdi Kanu’s Message to Biafrans on Sunday

On Sunday, October 21, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, will hold a press conference to address his followers, after he resurfaced this week in Israel. Kanu will address Biafrans by 6pm and a statement...


Radio Biafra Bounces Back On Air

Fresh reports say that Radio Biafra which was shut down by the federal government in 2015 is now back on air. IPOB spokesperson made this known in a statement released Thursday. The radio station covers  Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Delta,...


President Buhari weighs in on Nnamdi Kanu, Biafra

President Buhari addressed a whole number of issues during his first presidential media chat yesterday. One of those issues being the Biafra Agitation, Nnamdi and the said marginalization of Ndi Igbo. “The one you called Kanu, do you know he...


Radio Biafra Back on air

Few days ago, the federal government confirmed that it has successfully jammed signals of illegal radio station, Radio Biafra. However a prompt response by the Radio Biafra technicians has seen that the Radio station which operates from an anonymous location...


FG claims to have Jammed Radio Biafra Signals

Following the spread of Radio Biafra in the South East of Nigeria, the federal government has responded and claims to have Jammed their transmission. Radio Biafra is operating illegally from an unknown location and the FG has promptly responded to...