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It’s Better to be an Atheist than a Hypocritical Christian – Pope Francis Explains Why

The pontiff of Catholic Church, Pope Francis has said it is better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Christian. Pope Francis said this on Wednesday during a service in the Vatican, while criticising hypocrites in the Catholic Church. “How...

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Claims Hell Doesn’t Exist

Pope Francis says hell – believed to be a place of condemnation for deceased sinners – does not exist. The pontiff reportedly said this in an interview with Daily La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper. “There is no hell where the souls...

Terror attack in Cairo

3 Policemen Dead, 5 Injured in Cairo Attack

The Ministry of Interior says militants on Tuesday killed three policemen and injured five others in a shooting in Cairo. The ministry in a statement said the attacks on security forces are common in Egypt’s northern Sinai, where the country...

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Pope Francis called us Biafrans – IPOB claims

IPOB Media and Publicity Officer speaking to journalists on Monday in Nnewi stated that the Pope has assured them that he will pray for the restoration of Biafra. “The IPOB bombarded Pope Francis with 5,500 calls and the Pope answered...

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Pope Francis Set To Make Movie Debut

Beyond the Sun is an upcoming spiritual film and it will feature Pope Francis. He would be the first pope to appear in a movie as himself. The movie which has been described as a "family adventure story where children...


See How This Woman Dressed to meet the Pope

Hmmm this Argentine model is queen of controversy in her own world. She's very well known asides from being a model, she's very good at public stunts. Victoria Xipolitakis lined up with others as they waited to greet Pope Francis...